The new EDM rap single by Emperor International available for download from most music digital download stores, release on April 7th 2019.

"City Soldier" meaning a person (civilian) from the inner city who soldiers on with life in general.

1) Where there are poor, there is going to be a war.

Where there is class reeling, I'm going to break the glass ceiling.

2) I’m going to start from scratch, I'm going to defend my patch.

I’m going to show my worth, I'm going to protect my turf.

3) Let people have their belief, don’t let them cry in grief.

Let sleeping dogs lie, we don’t want to hear them cry.

Chorus) Life is a boulder, I'm going to carry on my shoulder.

I want to keep my life, I ain’t carrying no knife.

Don't pity soldier, I am a city soldier.


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